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About The Seven Forward

Management tours by The Seven Forward

The Seven Forward is a subdivision of The Seven Group. Our aim is to organize open and corporate management tours to the most advanced companies of the world. Management (or business) tours to the world’s best organizations are an exclusive product of our company, which has no analogues in the whole of Asia. We are really proud of this fact, and not everyone will be welcomed regularly by Google, Honda, Bank of America, China Mobile and many others. 

The Seven Forward is an official partner of the FastForward (, which has successfully provided such services since 2004. Organizing about 10 busines tours per year, we have direct contacts with world’s leaders in the following areas: retail (Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Metro, Carrefour), IT (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo), finance and banking (Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, Sun Trust Bank), industry (Honda, Suzuki, Toyota), mobile (DoCoMo, China Mobile, SoftBank).


During these years we have repeatedly visited such countries as the USA, Germany, France, Japan, China, India, etc. The Seven Forward has excellent relationships with our partners around the world. Due to this, you will not only see inside the structure of the best business processes, but also communicate with top officials in both formal and informal settings. You can find more information about the upcoming business tours at our web site in the Management Tours section. 

Why management tours are useful

The success of leading companies worldwide is described by hundreds of books and well-known business publications. Even though this information is open and available to anyone it can often be closed and filtered. The reasons of a successful business are not so easy to understand. Participation in management tours is an opportunity to find out the real path to success. As a rule, understanding of the origins of such success lies in the detailed analysis, observation and communication directly with management, that makes the company great. Innovations, technologies, principles of work and people – these are four basic elements we pay attention to when forming a visit. A program of each tour includes presentations and open interaction with real management and employees of companies as well as visits to key departments and work sites.

Management Tour Concept

  1. Top-management have already read all business bestsellers long ago. Managers want to gain practical knowledge - to listen, to watch, to have a hands on understanding. 
  2. Widely accepted ways of business education can give only an overall picture of business. Practical study of a successful business can give real and applied first-hand knowledge.
  3. Management tour is the best way to see the work of a potential partner, to get insights about valuable innovations.
  4. This is the great way to motivate and develop your company's talents, to increase loyalty and to form new ways of thinking. 
  5. Each visit is a strong foundation for innovative and breakthrough ideas which will help to form your company's development strategy for many years. 


Management Tour Format


  • representatives of only one company participate in tour.
  • the program is 100% formed on the basis of customer's requirements and approved by company-client.
  • there is a possibility to include into the program a management lecture by representative from one of the top business-school that can be invited by The Seven Forward. 


  • a group of 15-25 representatives of different companies is formed in an open format.
  • a program of the visit is developed from the study of successful companies and their achievements.  
  • The Seven Forward selects and offers case meetings and visits (incl. job sites) for the future participants. 

Who is our participants

Our participants are the business owners, top managers or employees who are responsible for the development and innovations. These people have enough power to apply obtained knowledge in their companies.

What will you get by taking a part in management tour

Practical experience. Perhaps you are a top-manager who has already read all the business bestsellers. Its useful but still theory. Now you will gain practical knowledge: you’ll listen, watch and have a hands on understanding from the inside. 
New ideas. You'll visit head offices and job sites of the best companies and also meet top managers and founders face-to-face in both formal and informal settings.
Victory in the competition. Discover now business and technological innovations that will be available to your competitors only in a few years!
Networking. During the tour you will be surrounded by colleagues (with people from similar positions) and management of the host company. You may get to form new business relationships or even friends. 
Motivation. This is the best way to motivate and develop your company's talents, to increase loyalty and to form new ways of thinking.
Understanding of how to work further. Obtained knowledge and new business connections will help you to choose the best course and strategy of your company.
Access to the International markets. Developed countries and companies are full of opportunities, ideas and successful leaders. For example, one of our past clients started distributing in USA in less than year after taking tour. 

What included in business tour

The price is formed on the principle of all-inclusive 
The price includes:

  • Full business program
  • ​Economy class flight (optional upgrade to business class)
  • 5-4 stars hotel accommodation
  • Transportation within the country
  • Half board (breakfast and dinner)
  • Visa assistance and invitation to the embassy
  • Indonesian and English speaking assistant
  • Insurance
  • Intensive cultural program
  • Set of information and materials
  • Prompt response to any questions and complete personal assistance.

Need more info? 

Please contact us or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Past detailed programs: 

Silicon Valley program

US banking program

US retail program

Innovative Japan&China program

Questions-Targets list: 

Sample of the Questions list before the tour (from client)

Visits history: 

  • February, 9 - February, 18, 2014
    German retail tour
  • October, 28 - November, 3, 2013
    Tour to industrial companies of Japan.
  • October 21-27, 2013
    Silicon Valley management tour.
  • September 23-29, 2013
    US retail management tour
  • September 09-15, 2013
    Мanagement tour to US banking sector
 See full visit history here

Included in tour: 

The price is formed on the principle of all-inclusive.
The price includes:

  • Full business program
  • Economy class flight (optionally possible business class)
  • 5-4 stars hotel accommodation
  • Transportation within the country
  • Half board (breakfast and dinner)
  • Visa assistance and invitation
  • Indonesian and English speaking assistant
  • Insurance
  • Intensive cultural program
  • Set of information and materials
  • Prompt response to any questions and complete personal assistance.