Plug and Play Tech Center is a technology start-up incubator in the heart of Silicon Valley. It is run by Amidi Real Estate which provides rental office space and conference room time to small companies. Amidi Ventures, which is owned by the same owner, does seed round funding for many start-ups in the early stages. The idea here is to provide a one stop shop for start-ups to get off the ground. 

Plug and Play Tech Center is an accelerator that specializes in growing tech startups. Headquartered in Sunnyvale California, Plug and Play’s global network includes over 300 tech startups, 180 investors and a community of leading Universities and Corporate partners. Since its founding in 2006, Plug and Play startups have raised over $1 Billion in funding. In 2011 Plug and Play’s startups raised over $350 Million and went through M&A valued in excess of $500 Million. From unique industry networking events and education-emersion programs, to M&A advisement, Plug and Play has everything tech startups need to get organized, connect and grow. 

What Does Plug and Play Do? Plug and Play positively impacts and accelerates the journey of: 
• Entrepreneurs 
• Startups 
• Venture capitalists 
• Corporations 
• Universities 
• Governments
Web 2.0, Mobile, Gaming, CleanTech, New Energy, Semantic, New Media, Social Media, Retail, Automotive