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Retail Tour to the USA suggests the group to 25 participants. It will include the first persons of companies: those who shape the business development strategy for the next few years, determine the company's investment priorities and examine new business opportunities.

  1. Owners and first persons of retail businesses, CEO, CIO, leaders of trading and distribution companies, who consider innovation, efficiency and service quality the key to success.
  2. First persons wishing to gain long-term business contacts with the American trading networks. 
  3. Сhief sales officers, logistics and technology directors, those looking for innovations.

Battle for the consumer. Face-to-consumer. Strategies. Experience. Innovations!

USA (Pennsylvania).

Approximate programm:

Day 1. Overview of Retail tour program.  SJU professors speeches. Overview of the U.S. retail sector, modern trends and customers behavior.
Day 2. Visit to Wawa, Trader Joe's, Dollar General, Best Buy and HH Greg.
Day 3. Visit to Walmart's Sam's Club, Walmart Distribution Center and Walmart Supercenter.
Day 4. Visit to Whole Foods, C & S distribution center.
Day 5. Visit to Wegmans, Price Cutter, summing up with SJU representatives.
Day 6. Cultural program – tour of New York.


Neil Crawley
Professor of Saint Joseph's University (a leading U.S. university specializing in retail trade)
With 35 years of experience in senior positions in major American networks FMCG (Acme Markets and Pathmark Stores), Neal Crowley is a professor and consultant to many practitioners of the U.S. retail networks in Northeastern region. Being an expert in the management of retail, he successfully explains cobwebs of American retail to participants of the management tour.​ 

Richard George 
Dr. Richard George is a well-known expert in the marketing of food retail, an author of 10 books, a PhD.
Richard George is a recognized expert in the food retail and in the last few years has actively participated in many market researches. He is a lecturer and speaker at the University of SJU, University of Florida, University of London and many others. He is an author of articles for Business Week, Fortune, Time, Forbes, Washington Post and other respected publications. 

Included in tour:

The price is formed on the principle of all-inclusive. It includes: full business program, economy class flight (business class is available as an optional add-on), 4-5 stars hotel staying, travel in the United States, two meals (breakfast and dinner), obtaining the U.S. visa, full translation during the meetings, insurance, intensive cultural program, information package, prompt response to any question and complete personal escort by the tour organizers!

You will visit
  • It is a global leader in retail field. It is the trading business empire with annual sales of $ 351 billion. The company is the monster in reducing costs at each stage of the retail network.
  • This company is a legend! As they say, Starbucks coffee is not just coffee for five dollars; it's the culture of consumption, which has deeply rooted in the USA for two hundred years.
  • When Americans want to build something, they go to Home Depot. When they want to buy furniture or other household items, then they again go to stores of this network.
  • It is the largest supermarket chain of "non-food group" in the USA with revenue of $ 60 billion. It is the dynamically developing company that has created a full range of trading instruments.
  • This company is the leading pharmaceutical chain of stores, which operates in 49 U.S. states, having firmly anchored in this segment in 1901.
  • It is the second largest sales and distribution network of the USA. It is the direct competitor to Wal*Mart. The working is mega market and wholesale.
  • It is the leading company in the field of all-day stores, mostly located at gas stations/ university campuses.
  • It is one of the closest competitors of Home Dupot working in a format of building hypermarkets. The most interesting feature of the company is the widest range on the market.
  • As of 2012, Macy's is the largest U.S. department store company by retail sales and is the 16th-largest retailer in the United States in 2013 in terms of revenue.

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Included in tour: 

The price is formed on the principle of all-inclusive.
The price includes:

  • Full business program
  • Economy class flight (optionally possible business class)
  • 5-4 stars hotel accommodation
  • Transportation within the country
  • Half board (breakfast and dinner)
  • Visa assistance and invitation
  • Indonesian and English speaking assistant
  • Insurance
  • Intensive cultural program
  • Set of information and materials
  • Prompt response to any questions and complete personal assistance.